Story of my sickness:
So I just woke up last week with pain in both breasts ( I tought it’s hormons) so I tought it will disapperar but 3 days later I got a cold too. I called the local doctor and they refused to check me and said they don’t have time for me and that my pain is caused by hormons and nothing else aldo I said I feel another sort of pain. I got so angry and sad like don’t you have a heart? Why don’t you just do your job?
A few more days I called a clinic specialised on breast diseases but they never answered and never got back to me aldo I left messages. Yesterday I called the local again but they never anwswer.
This morning I went to the local again and forced them to check me by saying I got infection- wich I was sure I had. So I got finally checked and they couldn’t find anything on my blod tests so I  got some medicin for the pain. Really? I can take medicine for pain by my own too you f retard! The nurse caused a LOT of pain on my arm from the blod test she took. 😢
My point is: Why getting here and get infection just because they can’t do their job? And they don’t want to help you! How can they still work there? I mean really? Nobody sees anything of these society problems? They should be ashamed! 😠
I now took my first medicin and hope I’m getting better soon! I think they wsnte me dead or something! I will check this out once the infection is over just to make sure everything it’s alright. I can never trust doctors anymore.

But I believe in karma, it will always come back 10 times worse!😏


Author: Raluca VF

Model loving fashion

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