img_0539img_0541img_0540img_0542img_0543The latest haircut I had at my favorite saloon atm TONY&GUY in Stockholm. They always wash my hair before start cutting it and I got an incredible relaxing scalp massage with the wash.
I usually do get a haircut only once or two times a year and the most times I only get my ends trimmed. I know you’re supposed to cut your hair more often but my hair is used and I don’t use heat or any hair styling products so my hair is pretty healthy. I’m also growing out my own hair color and I’m almost done with the died ends that I had before.
Whenever I want curls I just use a soc and wrap my hair around it and leave it overnight and the next day I rock my curls. The more you use your hair to no product curls the longer it will stay curled. I promise!


Author: Raluca VF

Model loving fashion

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