I love tanned skin and this one from LovingTan is my favorite tan mousse ever! Here’s why:
– it’s super fast with only 2h developing time with no strong smell
-it leaves the most natural beautiful sunkissed brown color on the skin and lasts one week
-it doesn’t get off on your clothes and it has an acceptable price
I’ve tried many another brands but this one has it all! Since we dont really get so much sun here in Stockholm and I like to be tanned this is my savior. You can find their site on instagram @lovingtanofficial




I love this cape! It’s so simple but matches all the colors I’m always wearing and it’s so easy to take on because it doesn’t have arms. Also cute that the under blouse shows thru a bit at the arms and it has an elegant feeling. I don’t need to mention that I love nude right?
I’m now on my first day of work at my new job.
I’ve been away a lot lately but I like being busy, I feel useful and important haha! I will post more again as soon as I come into work properly because right now I feel a bit stressed- happens me always on the first days of a new job. See you tomorrow loves!



I love cookies! Sometimes I like vanilla taste sometimes chocolate, same thing with icecream. Both are so good depending on my mood haha!
This morning I was at the optics for my annual eye check and I’m so happy because it hasn’t changed- that means I don’t need to either change my glasses lenses or my contacts. This time I didn’t felt so much of a difference on the see since I got my new lenses last year so yes sometimes my heart tells me how everything is going to be.
Soon off to the saloon to fix my nails. Me and my mom always go together and help eachother choose colors and everything so I’m booking time for two. Awesome!



I love clean looks like this with simple and max 3 colors mixed. Black and grey are such wearable colors that works whenever and wherever.
I love clean looks, they look so elegant, simple and sexy.
Yesterday I’ve been to the place where the terror attack took place last week here in Stockholm and said a prayer for the angels that went to heaven. Hope this never happens again.

Now off to an hair consultation before my permanent hair treatment and hope my hair is going to get “accepted” haha can’t wait!


Hi everybody! Today I decided to not post any fashion/beauty thing because our country is in mourning for those who died yesterday in Stockholm in the terrorist atack. I’m so sad because those people were innocent, didn’t do nothing and died. I wish I could have the power to turn back time and bring them to life again. Life is so unfair! I’m sure they’re in heaven now and I’m with their families in mind and soul.
May this never happen again and may those terrorists also suffer and die!
It’s now 10:47 in the morning but you see no humans nowhere. Nothing is moving. So sad I have to live scared in my own Europe. Those who decided to bring terrorists and criminals here should have died instead of innocent people!
They won’t do anything about this because they now that people are going to forget this, in time, as much as they need to move on.
This weekend I’ll pray and hope in another life( if there is one) to be a little animal instead of human. Human is the worst individ alive!
I love animals because they will never hurt you because they wanted to, they just get scared or hungry. I love the innocence of nature and we should never use it for our purpose. I believe in karma, everything you do comes back at you. Thats why i try to be nice, the best me, what you share you’ll receive!
I’m going out for my walk and legs workout now. Be safe loves!


You guys! I love makeup! I love a simple makeup look with natural shades and a nude lip. It really goes with every outfit and looks gorgeous when I’m tanned.

Eyes: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette in Havana on the lids, H&M Beauty Dip Liner & Lancome Extreme Grandiose Mascara
Skin: Loreal Infallible 24 matte foundation, Nyx Matte but not flat powder & Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette- Havana on the cheeks
Lips: Nyx Lip Liner in Pale Pink

Now out for my morning walk and then upper body training. I love working out in the nature!


I love “mannagryn” for my second breakfast! I didn’t got to eat this as a child because my mom thinks it looks disgusting haha weird so now I eat it as often as I can. I love everything with milk! I wrote second breakfast because I always eat only fruits as soon as I open my eyes everyday haha I always wake up starving.
Now off to the dentist and then grabing lunch with my brother and enjoy the sun a little bit.



I love this blazer from Ganni! It has this burned brown color with fine black stripes and it’s long enough that it works as a dress as well. I love this for work! Lately I’ve been obsessed with office wear so expect to see a lot of it haha!
So I’ve been looking for job again since the project on my last job got done earlier and I’ve been to a few interviews and finally found the perfect job as an administrator for Ica Gruppen in Stockholm – Ica is a grocery store that transport food to other stores too and owns a couple of other companies.
I know this job is perfect for me because I love food and it will be a pleasure to work for the food haha!
I have my start day on April 18:th. I’m happy!

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