I love this blazer from Ganni! It has this burned brown color with fine black stripes and it’s long enough that it works as a dress as well. I love this for work! Lately I’ve been obsessed with office wear so expect to see a lot of it haha!
So I’ve been looking for job again since the project on my last job got done earlier and I’ve been to a few interviews and finally found the perfect job as an administrator for Ica Gruppen in Stockholm – Ica is a grocery store that transport food to other stores too and owns a couple of other companies.
I know this job is perfect for me because I love food and it will be a pleasure to work for the food haha!
I have my start day on April 18:th. I’m happy!


Author: Raluca VF

Model loving fashion

2 thoughts on “BLAZER”

  1. Did you study about administration in school?? What will be the responsibilities of your new job??


    1. Yes I am qualified administrator since 2 years ago. My responsabilities will be to manage payings of ICAs transports, answer the costumer inbox mail and more.


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