I love “mannagryn” for my second breakfast! I didn’t got to eat this as a child because my mom thinks it looks disgusting haha weird so now I eat it as often as I can. I love everything with milk! I wrote second breakfast because I always eat only fruits as soon as I open my eyes everyday haha I always wake up starving.
Now off to the dentist and then grabing lunch with my brother and enjoy the sun a little bit.



I love this blazer from Ganni! It has this burned brown color with fine black stripes and it’s long enough that it works as a dress as well. I love this for work! Lately I’ve been obsessed with office wear so expect to see a lot of it haha!
So I’ve been looking for job again since the project on my last job got done earlier and I’ve been to a few interviews and finally found the perfect job as an administrator for Ica Gruppen in Stockholm – Ica is a grocery store that transport food to other stores too and owns a couple of other companies.
I know this job is perfect for me because I love food and it will be a pleasure to work for the food haha!
I have my start day on April 18:th. I’m happy!


I love lace underwear! It gives me a more sexy elegant feeling. Today I’m in a doubt: so I was out for an workout and didn’t shower after because I wanted to shower tonight and take on my fake tan because I may have a photoshoot on monday but now I feel I’m not in the mood. So thinking is pretty much today’s plan haha!
My dad just made some barbeque and we’re about to eat soon. Happy weekend!


I’m just back from a job interview and I had to share these cute pictures.
I love shopping days with the fam. These pieces for home interior are so classic and cute. Vanilla candles are my favorites and they are always good to have in your home.



I love love love this suit it’s so perfect! Highwaisted pants, the blazer has a lot of cleveage and it’s pink! I’ve been obsessed with office wear for a while now and this is a perfect 2 piece look I would wear anywhere and I can’t wait to wear it at work when real spring is here.
More pics with the suit in full glam action are coming soon! So exiting! I love taking pictures!