Summer glam look


Hi loves! Today I’m sharing a new makeup look I wear on summer. I love glam looks with shimmer, bronzed skin and nude lips.
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I love prints

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H&M jumpsuit
DinSko sandals
Guess aliza mini bag

Hi! Do you guys like prints? I love this jumpsuit from H&M it feels like nothing.
It works really well at night also. You can throw on a leather jacket and black sandals and you are good to go. I wear this jumpsuit a lot because it works with the most colors. I love to pair it with dark red and auburn. I hope you like this look just as much as I do!💜

Stockholm’s food festival🇸🇪

Hi everyone and happy weekend! We had a food festival here in Stockholm for almost 2 weeks and it’s oficially over now. There were a lot of countries that selt their traditional food and some of my favorites was France with the ‘parisian baguette’ that was the best. Then I found my favorite cake the ‘eclér’ that Spain were selling and last was Polland with the sweet ‘hungarian rolls’. There were music and dancing all the time and the newest Volvo was exposed for the interested. Their food was so good I could live there forever. I went by several times and got my favorites every time. Unfortunately I saw the eclér’s too late and I bought only one time but ate a lot of the other favorites. Can’t wait untill next year! I love food💜

Black & white

Gina Tricot top and pants
Guess bag
Dinsko sandals

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing this black and white outfit that’s easy to wear, comfortable and works for like any ocassion. I like simple one color pieces I think they look so good. I also like more simple colors nowadays like white, grey, black, beige. I guess I’m getting older haha! Have a great day!💜


imageimageimage Hello! Here’s a picture of the makeup look I wore yesterday for Sweden’s national day and a sneak pic of the outfit. I did applied a little bit of yellow on the center of the lid and wore yellow top and blue pants to match the swedish flag🇸🇪. Great colors for a summer day! We went to a bar and had a drink but also ate some parisiene baguette at the festival. They were so good I could eat those everyday. 💜

Happy national day! 🇸🇪

Happy national day Sweden!🇸🇪 🍾  Hi everyone! Today we celebrate the national day here in Sweden! We have such a beautiful weather today in Stockholm so it’s great to celebrate! I will meet with some family and friends and go have a drink but also see the festival with lots of food and music! This is going to be a great day! I love the summer in Sweden💜

Nude babe


Happy weekend loves! I got this new babe for the spring/summer season and I love it. I love the color that matches everything and the shape is so elegant and chic. I’m into small bags at the moment. It’s good that it’s small so I don’t take unecessary stuff with me. You can find the bag in several colors at
I’ll stay in bed this weekend I’m feeling sick but hope you have a better weekend!💜



Details: Gina Tricot polo •H&M denim •Mango bag •shoes as present
Hi everyone! Spring seems to finally stay here in cold Sweden so I tought I should share one of my spring outfits. This is one of my favourites. Simple, elegant deep blue denim mixed with shades of nude matches perfectly for a day walk or a night out. Love it💜

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