Happy national day! 🇸🇪

Happy national day Sweden!🇸🇪 🍾  Hi everyone! Today we celebrate the national day here in Sweden! We have such a beautiful weather today in Stockholm so it’s great to celebrate! I will meet with some family and friends and go have a drink but also see the festival with lots of food and music! This is going to be a great day! I love the summer in Sweden💜

Nude babe


Happy weekend loves! I got this new babe for the spring/summer season and I love it. I love the color that matches everything and the shape is so elegant and chic. I’m into small bags at the moment. It’s good that it’s small so I don’t take unecessary stuff with me. You can find the bag in several colors at www.mango.se
I’ll stay in bed this weekend I’m feeling sick but hope you have a better weekend!💜



Details: Gina Tricot polo •H&M denim •Mango bag •shoes as present
Hi everyone! Spring seems to finally stay here in cold Sweden so I tought I should share one of my spring outfits. This is one of my favourites. Simple, elegant deep blue denim mixed with shades of nude matches perfectly for a day walk or a night out. Love it💜

Sunday walk


Details: •H&M fur •New Yorker legging •Celine bag
Happy sunday! After cleaning the house I went for a walk in the snow 😩 Hope spring is going to stay here soon. I hate cold! I love this warm cute fur that works with the most colors and it really feels so soft allmosa like a cat. Now we’re just sitting down in the kitchen talking with my sister. We all miss her. She moved back to Romania 2 years ago, she didn’t felt comfortable here anymore. Do you have someone who also lives far away from you? Then we get eachother. Hope you have a great sunday!💜



Good evening friends! Remember that I went visiting my oncle 2 days ago? This is what we ate at his place. Fries with eggs and a delicious sallad. His girlfriend is very good at cooking. Then we listened to some music and talked a lot. I forgot to take pictures on his house decoration wich is very unique and cozy. Expect to see more food images because I love food💜

Today’s essentials


Hello! Those are my essentials today. I love those products by Calvin Klein that I bought online on http://www.letsdeal.se (an app with discounted products). Great quality I’m in love!
Later I’ll visit my oncle, it’s been a while. Hope you have an wonderful thursday!💜

Mint 👗


Hi everyone! Today is all about mint 👗This color is gorgeous for spring and works with any hair color. Can’t wait for spring to finally stay here in cold Stockholm. Later today I’ll go shopping with my mom. Always a fun time! I love this season but summer is my favorite!💜