I love “mannagryn” for my second breakfast! I didn’t got to eat this as a child because my mom thinks it looks disgusting haha weird so now I eat it as often as I can. I love everything with milk! I wrote second breakfast because I always eat only fruits as soon as I open my eyes everyday haha I always wake up starving.
Now off to the dentist and then grabing lunch with my brother and enjoy the sun a little bit.



I always eat fruits for breakfast and I love the freshness and energy they give. I use to have another normal breakfast 1 or 2 hours after my fruits but that’s another story haha!


img_8578Sometimes I like to have pancakes in the morning. I usually have them with jam, cream and icecream or caramel sauce. Yum!                                   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Ibland gillar jag att äta pannkakor till frukost. Jag brukar äta dem med sylt, grädde och glass eller kolasås. Mums!