Flowers are the best present you can give when you don’t know what to buy haha! I love flowers, so pure and naturally beautiful! I’m 26 today and I don’t need any presents because I always get something like every week haha! I’m so happy with my life and no presents can beat the happiness I feel inside.
Have a great day loves!



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! What better present than flowers! I love flowers they are so pure and naturally beautiful. I love nature! I hope you all have an amazing day/night with your beloved ones or just enjoying yourself.❤️


img_3006 img_3009

We got these flowers for Christmas and now they’re in full bloom. So beautiful! I don’t know what they’re called but it’s kind of rare for flowers to bloom in winter.
Now to some sad news: I just got to know that today is my last day at Bisnode because the project I was involved in is over earlier than expected -so sad because I loved my job here but everything happens for a reason right? I love being positive and I hope I can be so for the rest of my life.


img_0421img_0422img_0446img_0423Hi guys! I just came back from the grocery store with the fam and here’s what I found interesting to shoot. I’ve been obsessed with white flowers since summer and those are just perfect! Then i love bread! I could eat bread with bread haha! Also love the chestnut color, just like my hair❤️


imageI love flowers and I enjoy taking photos of them.
Jag älskar blommor och det är bara kul att ta bilder på dem.



I saw these on our way to dinner and I just got to take a pic. Stunning greek orange flowers!
Jag såg de hära på väg till middagen och var tvungen och ta en bild. Underbara grekiska orangea blommor!

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