I love cookies! Sometimes I like vanilla taste sometimes chocolate, same thing with icecream. Both are so good depending on my mood haha!
This morning I was at the optics for my annual eye check and I’m so happy because it hasn’t changed- that means I don’t need to either change my glasses lenses or my contacts. This time I didn’t felt so much of a difference on the see since I got my new lenses last year so yes sometimes my heart tells me how everything is going to be.
Soon off to the saloon to fix my nails. Me and my mom always go together and help eachother choose colors and everything so I’m booking time for two. Awesome!



I love “mannagryn” for my second breakfast! I didn’t got to eat this as a child because my mom thinks it looks disgusting haha weird so now I eat it as often as I can. I love everything with milk! I wrote second breakfast because I always eat only fruits as soon as I open my eyes everyday haha I always wake up starving.
Now off to the dentist and then grabing lunch with my brother and enjoy the sun a little bit.



I love eating out with family and friends. We went to an outside terrace with a nice view from above.
I got the oven roasted salmon in shrimp sauce with mashed potatoes and it was so good. The people that worked there were so nice and classy and that’s even a plus for a restaurant because I don’t want anybody to ruin my appetite. I love food so much!
It’s always nice to eat and talk to the people you love. Happy Friday!



Guys I live for this! I can’t describe how much I love sushi! I’ve tried it for many years ago and didn’t liked it at first but now I love it- how weird!
We just found this sushi place at Blåa Gallerian in Stockholm and those plates are so cute. I also love some spring rolls with my sushi.
I think I’ll never get tired of this!



I’m often spoiled with food in bed. I love food! I like to eat in bed and watch movies. I also get a snack and this time is a healthy one with fresh vegetables and curry sauce- better than chips! I feel better when I eat healthy.
Now off to the first gym day for this year!



I got sushi as my second dish at the restaurant last weekend and then some rice chips as a snack to our after dinner discusssion haha! I love these chips! My gorgeous sister did an asian hairstyling that suits her so well.
I ate so much! I love food!