I’m in love with how my nails turned out this time! I’ve choosen white perlecen glitter this time and I love how clean and pure they look. I’m all about simple colors on my nails so It’s easier to match with any color on the outfit. These are all my natural nails!


Here’s some shoe inspiration for the New Years Eve. I think gold and silver are always a perfect choice that never goes out of trend. And if they sparkle, even better haha! Happy NYE loves!



I just found these beautiful deers at Vero Moda while I was shopping some clothing at Blåa Gallerian in Stockholm. They are so cute green I wish I had one on the table for the holidays. Maybe next year.


img_1149img_1151img_1147TOP H&M //BAG GUESS //LEGGINGS NEWYORKER

Happy weekend loves! I love this open back blouse and I love that it’s grey and glittery so it works very well for the holiday season. I really like that it’s longer at the back so it covers when I wear leggings. I’m off to a new photoshoot now and later I’ll have a late lunch then back home to the fam👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

New Years Evening makeup

New Years Evening makeup. Check out how I did this on my youtube channel 👉 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR-43W9Bmnd9yt0J3ZhEDow
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