img_1502img_1506img_1507img_1504Today’s holiday shopping with the fam! We went to Lidl to find some decorations and I really liked the gold ones but we will see wich color we will choose for this years Christmas tree! I also found beautiful candles and lots of nutella! Yum!



img_1334img_1331img_1330This was my first time trying snails out and they taste amazing. I bought those from Lidl and they were boiled and filled with butter and garlic so I just had to take them in the oven for like 20 min and voila! Ready to eat!
Happy weekend everyone!


img_0157img_0160img_0158img_0162img_0159Me and my family have this tradition nowadays that we go buy food and stuff on the weekends wich is very cool doing together. We usually go to Lidl or ÖOB wich are quite near us. I’ve been loving the original Pringles lately and the italian plate that is so tasty. Feels like this fall was super short.

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