Hi everybody! Today I decided to not post any fashion/beauty thing because our country is in mourning for those who died yesterday in Stockholm in the terrorist atack. I’m so sad because those people were innocent, didn’t do nothing and died. I wish I could have the power to turn back time and bring them to life again. Life is so unfair! I’m sure they’re in heaven now and I’m with their families in mind and soul.
May this never happen again and may those terrorists also suffer and die!
It’s now 10:47 in the morning but you see no humans nowhere. Nothing is moving. So sad I have to live scared in my own Europe. Those who decided to bring terrorists and criminals here should have died instead of innocent people!
They won’t do anything about this because they now that people are going to forget this, in time, as much as they need to move on.
This weekend I’ll pray and hope in another life( if there is one) to be a little animal instead of human. Human is the worst individ alive!
I love animals because they will never hurt you because they wanted to, they just get scared or hungry. I love the innocence of nature and we should never use it for our purpose. I believe in karma, everything you do comes back at you. Thats why i try to be nice, the best me, what you share you’ll receive!
I’m going out for my walk and legs workout now. Be safe loves!




I love eating out with family and friends. We went to an outside terrace with a nice view from above.
I got the oven roasted salmon in shrimp sauce with mashed potatoes and it was so good. The people that worked there were so nice and classy and that’s even a plus for a restaurant because I don’t want anybody to ruin my appetite. I love food so much!
It’s always nice to eat and talk to the people you love. Happy Friday!



So we finally got lunch at a café we found and we ordered some toasts and got to wait like 5 minutes but felt like 50 cause we were hungry after our long walk in the city earlier today. We had this gorgeous up view of these very high buildings all equal with lots of windows wich felt like super high. I also enjoy watching everyone pasing back and forth and admire what they have on haha!
Definitely coming back here to eat again when the spring is here so we can sit outside and enjoy the surroundings.



I know it’s a little bit late but I love summer take on tattoos. I love having on some specially on my arms when I’m deep tanned.
—————————————————————————————————————————- Jag vet det är lite sent men jag älskar sommar ta på tatueringar. Älskar att ha några på speciellt på mina armar när jag är fin djup solbrun.



Good evening friends! Remember that I went visiting my oncle 2 days ago? This is what we ate at his place. Fries with eggs and a delicious sallad. His girlfriend is very good at cooking. Then we listened to some music and talked a lot. I forgot to take pictures on his house decoration wich is very unique and cozy. Expect to see more food images because I love food💜

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