I love eating out with family and friends. We went to an outside terrace with a nice view from above.
I got the oven roasted salmon in shrimp sauce with mashed potatoes and it was so good. The people that worked there were so nice and classy and that’s even a plus for a restaurant because I don’t want anybody to ruin my appetite. I love food so much!
It’s always nice to eat and talk to the people you love. Happy Friday!



Guys I live for this! I can’t describe how much I love sushi! I’ve tried it for many years ago and didn’t liked it at first but now I love it- how weird!
We just found this sushi place at Blåa Gallerian in Stockholm and those plates are so cute. I also love some spring rolls with my sushi.
I think I’ll never get tired of this!



So we finally got lunch at a café we found and we ordered some toasts and got to wait like 5 minutes but felt like 50 cause we were hungry after our long walk in the city earlier today. We had this gorgeous up view of these very high buildings all equal with lots of windows wich felt like super high. I also enjoy watching everyone pasing back and forth and admire what they have on haha!
Definitely coming back here to eat again when the spring is here so we can sit outside and enjoy the surroundings.



Happy weekend loves! We went out for early lunch today and I love sallads I could eat a different one everyday! I’ll just be at home this weekend and chill.
PS: New makeup look is up on my instagram👉
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