I love lace underwear! It gives me a more sexy elegant feeling. Today I’m in a doubt: so I was out for an workout and didn’t shower after because I wanted to shower tonight and take on my fake tan because I may have a photoshoot on monday but now I feel I’m not in the mood. So thinking is pretty much today’s plan haha!
My dad just made some barbeque and we’re about to eat soon. Happy weekend!


I love the backgrounds in these pictures! These were taken in fall when the trees get to their most beautiful colors. I also love this sweater frpm H&M because it’s 100% wool so it’s perfect for the cold season, I never freeze in it.
Now off to the saloon for my monthly waxing and then taking shots of today’s outfit.
Happy weekend loves!


img_2779 img_2780

I don’t know what some models are complaining about, this job is so easy! I’m happy I got to live my dream jobs, modeling and office.
Just ate lunch with the fam.
Soon off to a new shoot. This time it’s a tights advertising job. So exiting!



A tights advertising I did last year with
Their tights and socks have awesome quality and the sortiment is so big you can find any shape and model.
Today I’m going to clean and then going to the gym. After that I’m dead so that’s it for today haha!
Photos by Mats Ingelborn

Tomorrow I start a new job as admin at Bisnode in Stockholm. So exiting!😃