Today we’re having homemade pankakes with nutella. I usually eat fruit every morning but not today. I like to have a glas of milk with my pankakes. Now off to see my parents.



I usually eat fruits for breakfast but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up a bit. I enjoy having fruits in my yoghurt because it’s still fresh and light. This can even be a perfect snack if you want to avoid eating sweets. Happy weekend!


I love “mannagryn” for my second breakfast! I didn’t got to eat this as a child because my mom thinks it looks disgusting haha weird so now I eat it as often as I can. I love everything with milk! I wrote second breakfast because I always eat only fruits as soon as I open my eyes everyday haha I always wake up starving.
Now off to the dentist and then grabing lunch with my brother and enjoy the sun a little bit.


img_8578Sometimes I like to have pancakes in the morning. I usually have them with jam, cream and icecream or caramel sauce. Yum!                                   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Ibland gillar jag att äta pannkakor till frukost. Jag brukar äta dem med sylt, grädde och glass eller kolasås. Mums!



Good morning! Today it’s going to be sunny and warm here in Stockholm yay! I love sitting here at Friday’s Kungsträdgården they have great food and awesome shots! I love food and flowers makes me happy so this place is perfect👌

Two things I love


Good morning everyone! I woke up with a big craving of pancakes so I made some and now eating them all while I’m working on the blog. Two things I love are food and working on what I love. Today I’ll go to the gym working out and after that out for shopping yeeeeey👏 and hope I’ll find a pair of white jeans- been looking everywhere! I feel bored and sad if I stay at home all day so outgoing is great for me. I love fashion and food!💜

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