Shirt is mom’s (vintage)/ Skirt Baum und Pfertgarten/ Bag Mango (last season)/ Shoes Bebo

I loooooove leopard print! I think it matches my hair so well and it goes with white or black, nude or red. When covid is gone I’ll wear this at the office, if it’s still summer. Not to mention my favorite shirt in silk from mom that Ilove so much! Need to get back to work  but now I know I need more leopard print pieces.



Vest Zara/ Pants H&M/ Shoes Bebo shoes/ Bag Valentino

It’s either red or animal print when going out for me. I don’t usually wear much color that’s why I feel more glam in red for an occasion. I always choose red when I don’t know what to wear out and it works every time, especially with neutral shoes. I love to wear an all red look or match red with black or neutral colors. Now back to work, see you later.



Well since the snow it’s not over yet I just did the shoot on the balcony just to make sure I’m not going to freeze af haha!
I love the color of this blazer from Ganni and the cute small stripes that are barely visible takes it to an elegant sofisticated level in my opinion.
I really love the office style I’ve been into lately and you’ll see more pics of it soon. Definitely my favorite style ever!

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