img_0822img_0821img_0825This is the inside of the new River Island that opened at Drottninggatan 72 in Stockholm. I love how luxurious it is with so many lights and mirrors on the walls that reflect the items on the other side.  Also love the marble furniture. They have couches at the dress room wich is so cool and comfy where you can take a nap after shopping like crazy haha! Myself, I always get super tired after my shopping session so that’s great!



img_0421img_0422img_0446img_0423Hi guys! I just came back from the grocery store with the fam and here’s what I found interesting to shoot. I’ve been obsessed with white flowers since summer and those are just perfect! Then i love bread! I could eat bread with bread haha! Also love the chestnut color, just like my hair❤️


img_0157img_0160img_0158img_0162img_0159Me and my family have this tradition nowadays that we go buy food and stuff on the weekends wich is very cool doing together. We usually go to Lidl or ÖOB wich are quite near us. I’ve been loving the original Pringles lately and the italian plate that is so tasty. Feels like this fall was super short.

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