img_1145img_1144Today is the second advent we burn light for here in Sweden. We count the 4 weeks before Christmas and burn a light every week. The tradition says that is time to start the preparations for Christmas like bake and cook traditional food as well as having dinner with family and drink “glögg” with “pepparkakor”. I love traditions!


Stockholm’s food festival🇸🇪

Hi everyone and happy weekend! We had a food festival here in Stockholm for almost 2 weeks and it’s oficially over now. There were a lot of countries that selt their traditional food and some of my favorites was France with the ‘parisian baguette’ that was the best. Then I found my favorite cake the ‘eclér’ that Spain were selling and last was Polland with the sweet ‘hungarian rolls’. There were music and dancing all the time and the newest Volvo was exposed for the interested. Their food was so good I could live there forever. I went by several times and got my favorites every time. Unfortunately I saw the eclér’s too late and I bought only one time but ate a lot of the other favorites. Can’t wait untill next year! I love food💜

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