Wishing you all a great sunday!💜
Önskar alla en trevlig söndag!💜



Happy sunday! These are today’s essentials. A purple bag, shimmer oil and a pair of sunglasses. We’ve been having such a lovely warm weather here in Stockholm I love it💜
——————————————————————————————————————Glad söndag! Här är dagens måsten. En lila väska, shimmer olja till kroppen och ett par solglasögon. Vi har haft ett så underbart väder här i Stockholm jag älskar det!💜



Happy weekend loves! We went out for early lunch today and I love sallads I could eat a different one everyday! I’ll just be at home this weekend and chill.
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Saturday chill

Happy saturday! Pink for today🎀 I love this cheap lace body from I will have a photoshoot soon in this beautiful weather. We will shoot fashion outside! Exiting! Later today I will run to shooting nr 2 haha with my brother! Will be fun! Pictures up next week. Have a great weekend!💜

Sunday walk


Details: •H&M fur •New Yorker legging •Celine bag
Happy sunday! After cleaning the house I went for a walk in the snow 😩 Hope spring is going to stay here soon. I hate cold! I love this warm cute fur that works with the most colors and it really feels so soft allmosa like a cat. Now we’re just sitting down in the kitchen talking with my sister. We all miss her. She moved back to Romania 2 years ago, she didn’t felt comfortable here anymore. Do you have someone who also lives far away from you? Then we get eachother. Hope you have a great sunday!💜

Saturday chill day

Happy weekend everyone! Today’s day is chilling day. This sunny day makes me think about summer and dream. I will spend this weekend with my family, just relaxing and eating. Sad that my sister’s and grandma’s vacation here is almost over but I’ll see them again soon in the summer. This pink body makes me smile and feel good! Hope you’re having a great day! 💜
Body is by



Happy Sunday!
What do you guys think about orange on the lower lash line? I think it works great!
Hope you like it too! 💜

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